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Menopause Issues

Lost 67 Pounds

Stubborn Belly Fat

Lost 37 Pounds

Insomnia & Depression

Lost 33 Pounds

High Blood Pressure

Lost 50 Pounds

Thyroid Issues

Lost 45 Pounds

Lower Body Fat

Lost 30 Pounds


Lost 35 Pounds

Pain & Inflammation

Lost 46 Pounds

Gastric Band Surgery

Lost 60 Pounds


Lost 46 Pounds

Do you find yourself saying?

"I can't control my food cravings and my metabolism has slowed down!"
"Since hitting 40 I keep gaining fat around my middle and can't lose weight!"
"I feel irritable and deal forex market with bouts of depression/anxiety!"
"I can't sleep and these hot flashes are killing me!"
"I feel tired, hopeless and am getting discouraged!"

The reason is your hormones!

The Becoming...Hormonal Metabolic Correction program is the answer.

  • You stay motivated due to losing ½ to 1 pound of FAT per DAY (average of 20 pounds a month)!!!
  • No hunger or cravings, PLUS high energy, clear thinking, deep sleep & improved mood.
  • Almost all PMS & Menopausal symptoms resolve within a 30 day weight loss cycle.
  • A natural homeopathic supplement and whole food diet combine to burn stored abnormal body fat.
  • Weight is maintained long-term due to correcting the hormones with this process.
The Hormone Shift The Becoming...HMC program is featured in The Hormone "Shift" available from BalboaPress.com.
The Rejuvenation Center, based in Lancaster, PA, specializes in helping women lose weight by identifying the root cause of weight gain in women over 35 -- hormone imbalance! Balancing your hormones will also alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms, and may prevent female-related cancers. Our complete program combines gentle hormone therapy, a special proprietary homeopathic blend, with a sensible whole food diet to create amazing results in as little as 30 days! Available in Lancaster, PA and nationwide. See our Weight Loss page for more. To find out more about balancing your hormones, visit our Hormone Imbalance page.

The Rejuvenation Center in Lancaster, PA can speed up your slow metabolism and promote weight loss by safely balancing hormones.