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Health & Wellness Business Opportunity!

We are looking for professionals in the Health Club
business or those who own Wellness Centers and
Nurses, Dieticians, Naturopathic Doctors
or Chiropractors

Add $50,000-$100,000/yr of REVENUE
through your "existing" clients!

Infinity Health Advisors introduces:

When "traditional diets" just don't work,
help the many frustrated women (over 35) quickly lose FAT!

  is very unique hormone "corrective" program, that takes a very scientific approach to help women LOSE 20 lbs/ every month (consistently), and men lose 30 lbs/ every month!

NO Diet Program can offer this kind of dramatic weight loss in such a short time, while still being healthy, AND correcting the metabolism for the future!

Premiere Ground-Floor License Opportunity:

  • Very Low Cost start-up
  • High Profit Margin
  • Dramatic Results, consistently!
  • Successfully start with "existing" clientele
  • Excellent Referrals (from ecstatic clients)
  • Thorough Training

*For More Info: Call David Cutillo (National Director) at 1-800-361-8060

The Rejuvenation Center in Lancaster, PA can speed up your slow metabolism and promote weight loss by safely balancing hormones.